Why Should You Listen To Me To Refinance In California?… (A Simple Orange County Mortgage Broker, Southern California Real Estate Investor And Licensed California Realtor…)


Looking To Refinance In California?

Don’t Jump Into The California Refinance Market Blind!! Learn From An Orange County, CA Mortgage Broker Who Has Actually Been Successful Refinancing California Homeowners!!

… Who Teaches You What You Need To Know Quickly And Easily To Refinance In California Without Being Ripped Off!!

Having worked in ALL areas of Orange County and Southern California Real Estate Finance- from “Conventional” loans to “Creative” financing and refinancing, I have literally seen thousands of California refinancing and Orange County refinancing transactions get to the closing table.

I Personally Refinance In California Every Type Of Loan Imaginable- VA, FHA, Conventional, Jumbo, Fixed rate, ARMS, Buy Downs, Hybrid, Step, Bridge, interest only, POA, balloon, 100% financing,125% financing, owner financing, reverse mortgages, hard money loans, government loans, mixed use, manufactured, land loans, commercial financing, HELOC’s, Title I, FHA 203k rehabilitation loans, creating notes, simultaneous closings… and way too many other California home mortgage loans to name right here (but you get the point!!).


Now… the information to refinance in California, that I provide to my clients has literally helped hundreds of people to understand, evaluate and exercise their best options in getting a refinance in California or Orange County refinancing!

You get all of my Southern California refinancing experience from hundreds of successful closed loan transactions… assuring that you get the lowest California mortgage or California refinance rate with the lowest points and fees possible in the current market.

If you are at all intimidated or unsure about the Orange County refinancing or Southern California refinance process now you can relax and feel comfortable that you are making the best decision for you and… And More Importantly – your family’s long- term financial well-being!

Most so-called “expert” California Mortgage Brokers don’t have anywhere near the Orange County and Southern California refinancing programs I have at my disposal!!

Don’t tolerate California loan officers and California refinance mortgage brokers who pack on points and pad interest rates. They’re selling you out for their own financial interests and gains!

As a California refinance veteran (and enthusiast I might add) I have seen abusive overcharging practices that would make most ethical people roll their eyes in the back of their head from total disgust. I’ve seen Orange County Loan officers and California Mortgage Brokers charge borrowers astronomical points and fees simply because they could get away with it!

I’ve received a great deal of animosity and resentment from greedy Orange County Home Loan Officers in the California mortgage and Southern California refinance industry for the things I warn my clients about. But I’m not in this California refinancing business to perpetuate abusive practices for profits!

You see, in an area as serious as this (getting a quality refinance in California) – anyone without your best interests at heart can be damaging to your financial future – and should be taken out of the equation immediately.

I may be breaking a “Code of Silence” among Orange County home mortgage brokers– and it’s sad but true — People just like you and me are being taken advantage of because we just don’t know any better!

That is always something that ticked me off about some California Home Mortgage Brokers and Orange County Loan Officers…

Even if it wasn’t done consciously their advice always seemed to come back to the interest rate and points that would make them the most money – not what is best for the client!

Packing on the points or padding the interest rates because the buyer or home owner supposedly has “bad” credit or “too much debt” or “is a poor risk” is almost a common practice.

* Don’t remain clueless about one the biggest financial decisions you will make in your lifetime.

* Don’t be at the mercy of any Orange County California Loan Officer that has a good sales pitch and may talk you into paying more than you should or getting a type of Orange County mortgage or California refinance that you don’t want.

* Don’t end up overpaying THOUSANDS of dollars in closing costs to refinance in California, not to mention interest over the next 30 years, that may have been avoided.

* Don’t refinance in California a home that will strap you financially so that you are living to pay your mortgage, all because you got approved for a high Orange County refinance or California refinance amount

* Don’t walk away from the settlement table of your California refinance utterly confused.

* Don’t Let This Happen To You!!

And one more thing regarding refinancing in California…

Now the buzzword around Southern California home loans is “mortgage scoring” – a number that rates your overall financial “worthiness” to get a loan. Some California lenders require certain scores in order to get the best interest rates… but some use these scores as an excuse to charge you a lot more money in points and interest for reasons that nobody without a computer science degree could understand!!

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