Why You Need A Professional Orange County Mortgage Broker To Refinance In California

If You Just Want To Refinance In California Or California Refinance To Build Financial Security Rather Than Throw Yourself Into Financial Hardship For 30 Years – Then This Might Just Be The Most Important Information To Refinance In California You Will Ever Read!!

Let Me Tell You Why….

1) Most People Actually Don’t Really Know How To Shop For A Mortgage Refinance In California. They call a few Southern California lenders and ask what the interest rate and points are! That’s it!! Terrible Mistake!!

a. You have no clue what questions to ask about “points”, fees, interest rate “lock-in” periods, closing costs, “pre-paids” and more.

b. “If you don’t know what to ask for, you don’t know what you’ll be getting anytime you refinance in California”

2) The “System” Is Already Stacked Against You! California Mortgage And California Refinance Brokers And Orange County Loan Officers make their money on how much money you borrow and all the points and fees they can get you to pay.

3) The More Money Your Borrow By Refinancing In California And The Higher Fees You Pay… The fatter their paycheck is. It works to their advantage to make you pay as much as possible just to refinance in California!

4) Southern California Mortgage Brokers And Orange County Loan Officers Will Abuse You For Extra Fees! Recently Southern California mortgage companies were fined over $8,000,000 (million) dollars in a single year for overcharging borrowers who didn’t know how to shop for a loan. California Mortgage Brokers abused borrowers and took thousands of dollars of dollars extra out of their pockets for one simple reason- They knew they could get away with it!

Sometimes they might just get you for an extra fee, say $500 here and there… other times they “stick it to you” for thousands of dollars in extra interest charges… You may never know until it’s too late!

Now think about this…

If these California Lenders and Orange County Mortgage Companies are the ones getting caught – how many more Southern California Loan Officers and Orange County Mortgage Brokers do you think are “abusing” homeowners just like you and getting away with it?

We’re Here To Teach You How To Protect Yourself Among A Den Of Thieves!!

Whether it’s refinancing California an existing mortgage or a California home equity loan…

We are going to take you by the hand and show you step-by-step how to get the California refinance you want without getting ripped off on the interest rate, points and “junk fees”!

Then we’ll show you how to manage that California refinance loan so that it doesn’t become a financial burden on you!!


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