Proper California Mortgage Refinance Planning


Had Enough? …No Longer Want To Deal With Wondering What Orange County California Home Mortgage Loan And Southern California Refinance Advice You Can Trust?

…And Which Orange County California Mortgage Broker You Can Trust To Lead You In The Right Direction Through Today’s Uncertain Southern California Refinancing Market…?

As a California Mortgage Planner, Southern California Mortgage Broker, and Orange County California Mortgage Banker… I’m dedicated to helping you make the most informed decisions possible. I’m talking about decisions about your California mortgage and refinance in California… that integrate perfectly into your overall financial plan.

  • Your California home mortgage isn’t just a loan it’s one of your best and most important financial planning tools!
  • You should be able to use your home mortgage in California to move you closer to your long term financial goals…. whether it’s 3 years or 30 years!
  • You should be able to use your mortgage in Southern California for any type of wealth accumulation and definitely for retirement!

…And A “Properly Planned California Mortgage Refinance” Is The Best Way To Do This!!

Think about it… no one ever really plans to fail. I know you’ve heard the phrase “People don’t plan to fail, they simply fail to plan”, right?

However cliché’ and corny it might be it definitely holds true in the California mortgage and Orange County California refinance business. No one plans to go into debt, no one plans to hit financial hardships, no one plans to let their California mortgage and refinance in California turn into a burden.

But without proper planning and preparation, you won’t be ready if unforeseen things hit… am I right?

But on the positive side, when you use your California mortgage or California refinance as the financial tool it is… it can pay for your retirement, it can pay for your kids education, it can pay for your investments, it can pay for your business, it can even pay for your vacations!

As a certified California Mortgage Planner and Orange County California Mortgage Broker, I understand that every borrower is different – so I offer you a wide variety of California refinancing options to meet your individual needs! My program makes the process of obtaining a home loan as simple and straight forward as possible.

My innovative yet proven techniques provide you with the Orange County California home mortgage loan approval or California refinance solutions you need to achieve all of your home loan and financial goals!

Now… the detailed information that I provide to my clients has literally helped hundreds of people to understand, evaluate and exercise their best options in getting a California refinance in Orange County… and acquiring investment properties all over Southern California!

You get all of my experience from hundreds of successful closed loan transactions assuring that you get the lowest Orange County mortgage or California refinance rate with the lowest points and fees possible in the current lending market.

As I’m sure you already know, interest rates change almost on a daily basis, and new loans programs in Orange County and California in general come and go on the market just as fast! Now what I’m finding is that most of the time homeowners are being left out of the loop when it comes to options you have available to you to help you accomplish more financially.

Because unless you’re in the “mortgage marketplace” everyday like we are… it’s impossible to stay on top of all the different loan programs that come up… let alone the interest rates and details of each and every refinancing program in California.

Think about it, you’re not in the business, how often do you spend the bulk of your day researching loan programs and talking to Orange County California mortgage bankers, account executives, processors, escrow officers, title reps, private equity lenders, wholesale lenders and underwriters?

Exactly… So basically what this means to you is that, there are Orange County and Southern California loan programs that are available to you right now, that’ll actually allow you to accomplish 3 things:


1) You’ll get approved for the best home loan in California with the absolute best interest rate and terms.


2) You’ll eliminate your unsecured debt, which allows you to save a lot more money each and every month which most importantly, will allow you to reach your overall financial goals a lot sooner.


3) You’ll lower your monthly payments which will actually create a positive cash flow for you every single month, and free up more of your income to apply towards other secure high yield investments.


And that’s really what we’re trying to accomplish here right? …Good!

Personally we feel that keeping you informed of all of your options when refinancing in California helps you make good choices when you’re ready to California refinance. Because we can use that information to find a home loan program that makes financial sense to you and that you’re comfortable with. Now that sounds fair right? Good!

Take Control Of Your Mortgage, Your Finances And Your Life!


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