What We Do For You In Foreclosure In California… Through Our Exclusive Orange County And Southern California Foreclosure Program!


1) We’ll Thoroughly Review Your Foreclosure Documentation And Any Correspondence You Have Received, So You Can Fully Understand Your Situation And Your California Foreclosure Options.

2) We’ll Schedule A FREE Consultation To Help You Plan Your Best Course Of Action To Avoid Foreclosure In Orange County and All Over Southern California.

3) We’ll Provide You With Instant, Immediate Enrollment Into Some Of The Most Closely Guarded California Foreclosure Finance And California Refinance Programs .

a. We’ll work with the most aggressive niche Orange County mortgage lenders to try to secure you the California refinancing you need.

b. We’ll shop your loan to our database of over 150 ACTIVE ORANGE COUNTY LENDERS and Private Southern California Lenders to provide you with the absolute most California refinancing options

c. You’ll Have Access To A Variety Of Different Foreclosure California refinancing Options To Suit Your Own Unique, Individual Needs.

d. You’ll Be Able To Compare Each California Lender Programs Against Others… To Match You Up With The Best California foreclosure Program For Your Needs. You’ll save yourself time and money! You’ll ultimately discover the right foreclosure program for your exact needs.

e. Through our innovative, new foreclosure programs in Southern California, you’ll be able to finance your home so your present foreclosure situation doesn’t’ hurt your future plans… and your dream of home ownership remains a reality.

4) You’ll Have Immediate Access To Our California Loan Modification Program Which Includes:

a. Re-structuring your current loan with your current lender

b. Getting you a lower interest rate and a lower payment

c. We can help you to avoid foreclosure and stay in your home

d. Get your financial future back on track and prevent foreclosure in California

e. We’ll negotiate with your lender on your behalf to Re-Structure your loan

f. We’ll Negotiate forbearance with your lender. Or even do a forbearance agreement if that is necessary

g. We’ll guide you step by step through the entire process if you’re trying to keep your home or whether you decide to move on and sell it

h. We’ll help you solve your problems so you’ll sleep a little better at night.

5) As Another Option… You’ll Have Immediate Access To Our “California Quick Cash Closing” Program Which Includes:

a. Making all payments in arrears.

b. Taking over or cashing out your existing mortgage.

c. Determining a fair cash settlement to you as the seller.

d. Taking possession of the property at your convenience.

e. Take over the property as is. You make no repairs & do no maintenance.

f. You gain instant exposure to a database of pre-qualified, pre-approved investors & buyers

g. Property Appraisal Analysis

h. we can get you the cash you need in as little as 48 hours.

i. You’ll be able to save your credit and not hurt your future.

j. We’ll coordinate all the inspections appraisals escrows and title services so you have to worry about anything except getting back on track.

We can help you make sense of the whole process!

6) We’ll “Negotiate” The Best Possible Deal For You, So That You Avoid Costly Traps And Pitfalls! You Don’t Have To Be A Foreclosure Expert… Just Sit Back And Let The Foreclosure Experts Do What We Do Best!

7) We’ll Coordinate All The Inspections, Appraisals, Escrows And Title Services So You Have To Worry About Anything Except Getting Back On Track. We’ll “Coordinate” All Inspections, Appraisals, Escrow And Title Services And Closings, With The Very Best Firms So You Can Feel Confident And Focus On Other Tasks During Your Loan Process!

8) You’ll Receive Weekly Alerts And Updates… You’ll Never Have To Guess Where You’re At In The Process!

As A Special Bonus: You’ll Receive A Free Comprehensive Debt & Financial Analysis – So you can know exactly how your bills stack up… so you’ll know how to get out from up under them through our “Rapid Debt Elimination Program™”! The road to wealth and happiness starts with a sound financial plan!

And As A Super Bonus: You’ll Receive A Free Credit Evaluation & Consultation And A Free Copy Of Your Credit Report And Credit Scores From ALL 3 Major Credit Bureaus!! Stop the guessing game… you’ll know exactly what’s on your credit report and then we’ll show you how to deal with it… so you can keep your past from hurting your future and get your life back on track!


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