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California Refinancing Your Home Is Hands Down One Of Your Most Important Financial Decisions In Your Lifetime … With So Many Choices— How Can You Be Sure You Are Making The Right Decision?

Think by refinancing in California you’ll have to start with a whole new 30 year loan?? Wrong! … You Won’t Have To Start Paying Interest All Over Again!

Think refinancing in California is more trouble that it’s worth?? Wrong!! …despite what you may think – the experience doesn’t have to be painful!

Think your last California Mortgage Broker will contact you automatically if it’s the right thing to do?? Wrong! … most Southern California and Orange County mortgage brokers are one hitter- quitters and could care less about you once you walk out the door!


… But if you’ve been putting it off for all the wrong reasons then you’re really only hurting yourself!!

How Do You Really Know What’s Truly In Your Best Interest??


  • You’ll learn how to make the right California refinance decision! You’ll avoid making a poor refinancing decision. We’ll guide you through the process of determining which type of loan is best for you. We’ll show you exactly how to choose based on your needs – not the California lender! You’ll have the comfort that comes with knowing you made the right choice when refinancing in California!
  • You’ll be able to determine exactly how much you qualify for in your California refinance loan… and how to use the power of leverage to ultimately move up to purchase your dream home!
  • You’ll be guided through the California refinancing process of determining which loan type is right for you based on “your” needs. Learn to ask the questions that put Orange County lenders on the spot… and keep them from using “smoke and mirrors” to confuse you into spending more money and actually get the refinance you want!.
  • You’ll get the lowest rate California mortgage or California refinance – for the lowest fees and points currently on the market. Learn to quickly identify which California lenders want to lend money at competitive rates and which ones either want to milk you out of every last cent or could care less whether your refinance loan ever closes! You avoid unnecessary “junk” fees!
  • You’ll learn how to refinance in California even if you don’t have perfect credit… and how to raise your credit score and purchase your dream home!
  • You’ll discover all the “tricky” terms and Hidden Secrets you need to know before you obtain any refinance in California… and how to keep from being confused into making a mistake before you sign your California refinance on the dotted line!

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