Benefits Of Our Orange County and Southern California Refinance Program


Cash Savings- A LoanFirst™ California Refinance Program will save you money per month in pure cash savings. That adds up in savings in the first year and over the life of the loan. Again this is pure cash savings that you will be able to do whatever you want with. Think of it as getting a pay raise.

Term Reduction- If you paid into A LoanFirst™ California Refinance Program what you are currently paying in minimum monthly payments you will be debt free and just years. Keep in mind that with your credit cards it is going to take 20 to 25 years because they are revolving in your minimum payments are going straight to interest. That is the beauty of a simple interest loan. You can actually make progress every month and actually get yourself out of debt. Keep in mind that you are not incurring any new debt, but simply restructuring your existing obligations into a more financially responsible and beneficial program.

Tax Deductibility- Remember that unlike your credit cards, personal or auto loans, A LoanFirst™ California Refinance Program is tax deductible which will save you even more money. How much of a tax refund did you get last year? Wouldn’t it be nice to get more of the refund this year?

Consolidate Multiple Payments Into One- Wouldn’t it be nice to only have to make one payment every month? Just think, no more writing “X” number of different checks which need to be mailed to “X” number of different places with “X” number of different due dates each month. How many late charges did you incur last year as a result of this?

Increase Your Credit Scores- By paying off all of these high balances your credit risk score will skyrocket. This will open doors to you for all types of financing. In addition you will be able to take advantage of our Free California Refinancing Guarantee and get into an even better program when it becomes available.

Free Up Available Credit- With all of your credit cards maxed out you really are in a dangerous position. What would you do if you needed money for an emergency or of something suddenly changed with your employment situation?

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