What We Do For You When Refinancing In California With…


Our Exclusive Orange County And Southern California Refinancing Program Offers You All Of The Following….

1) You’ll Start Off Winning The Game With A Loanfirst™ Pre-Approval For Refinance. Getting pre-approved for your home loan refinance California with a LoanFirst™ Pre Approval For Refinance is just like having money in the bank. We can pre-approve your California mortgage or California refinance in 48 hours or less!

  • As a leader in the Orange County California mortgage lending, California refinance and California Refinancing industry… we feel that it is important to use the latest technology to educate our clients regarding their choices for California refinancing in today’s market.
  • We believe that “proper mortgage planning” in California and learning how much of a loan you can qualify for… is the first step in the TOTAL California Refinance planning process—
  • We have a full line of Orange County, CA refinancing and California refinance products for refinancing anywhere in Southern California… move up buyers and investors —including FHA mortgages, low down-payment loans and programs especially for those with blemished credit histories.
  • You’ll Have Access To A Variety Of Different California refinancing Options To Suit Your Own Unique, Individual Needs… including fixed rates, interest only, pay option arms and hybrid loan programs… and No Closing Costs loans!


If you have not started shopping for a California home loan refinance, we can get the entire process going for you quickly and easily!

2) You’ll Receive A “Total Cost Analysis”. You’ll Be Able To Compare Each California Lenders Programs Against Others… To Match You Up With The Best California Refinancing Program For Your Needs. You’ll save yourself time and money! You’ll ultimately discover the right California mortgage loan and California refinance program for your exact needs.

It’s not just about rates!! Most lenders don’t want you to be able to compare apples to apples with another lender. They slide in fees, points, and other costs like hustlers on street corners. We’ll show you how to compare “apples to apples” between lenders so you can easily choose the best deal! You’ll ultimately discover the right California refinance program for your exact needs. It’s not just about rates!

You’ll be able to go beyond just merely being quoted a rate. You’ll receive a detailed, side-by-side comparative analysis of up to four different loan scenarios! It is important to know, that if you talk to other lenders to compare rates make sure you compare the Total Cost of the loan over time – because, the single most critical element of your California home mortgage loan or California refinance is the Total Cost of your loan!

3) You’ll Receive an “Annual Equity Review”… The third service is provided at 12 month intervals starting with your most recent California home mortgage loan or California refinance transaction date with us… it is called the Annual Equity Review. Your physician calls it a “Wellness Exam”, your dentist calls it a “Checkup”, your retirement fund’s yearly publication calls it a “Prospectus”, your mechanic calls it “Winterizing”, etc., etc. Of course, this review is complementary.

“So, what is it?”
The Annual Equity Review is a one-hour meeting in which we discuss your income, credit report, debts, and assets as they stand now in comparison to 12 months ago.

“Why do I need it?”
Think about the largest debt account and largest asset account you are most likely to have…your mortgage and your retirement. Even though one is a debt and the other is an asset, your California mortgage or California refinance can actually be used as a tool to help accomplish your long term and short-term financial goals.

What you may not have thought of is that your income, credit, debts, and assets are all vital components of the success of both your California refinance and your retirement. Because of this, they need to be reviewed and evaluated once a year at a minimum. Since implementing this service I’ve found it necessary to transition from the role of a typical Orange County Loan Officer to a more proactive roll as an Orange County California Mortgage Planner.

As such, we are helping people like you discover California refinancing opportunities they didn’t know they had or ever thought possible. I recently met with a couple and showed them how to increase their retirement assets by $880,000 in 10 years. Your situation may be more or less dramatic than that, but needless to say, those clients were glad we reconnected!

4) You’ll Receive An “Equity Repositioning Analysis”. You’ll discover several financial and California mortgage planning strategies to help you free up cash and invest the difference to create wealth! Refinancing in California can be a profitable venture!

5) You’ll Receive A “Monthly Rate Watch Report”. You’ll automatically be alerted to new refinancing loan programs in Orange County and All over Southern California available to you that lead to additional savings and wealth building opportunities!

The only thing any of us can predict with 100% accuracy about the future is that things will change. And those changes can have a profound effect on how well your current California home loan suits your needs. Our unique service will keep you informed and aware of the most important financial and interest rate changes in the California refinance market.

Even more importantly, California RateWatch can keep you from missing critical windows of opportunity to refinance your mortgage in Orange County and Southern California. Too many times over the years we’ve had clients call us about refinancing their home two weeks too late. Interest rates had climbed back up. They tell us, “if only we had known rates were so low, we would have refinanced.” Unfortunately, once that window of opportunity to save money by refinancing in California slams shut, it often stays shut for years to come.

To solve that frustrating and costly problem refinancing in California at the right time for our valuable and important clients like you… we have created our RateWatch service…

* You are automatically enrolled in this California interest rates service. We will personally make sure you receive monthly updates that compare your existing mortgage to the current market interest rates in Orange County and All over Southern California.

* You will see in black and white whether it’s time to refinance California or not. And you will receive this information in time to take action and refinance your mortgage quickly if you need to.

RateWatch will also inform you how much money you can save and how quickly you can build equity by making a small additional principal payment each month if you want to.

* No more browsing through countless websites or calling every ad you see to find the best rates, best refinancing programs in California and the lowest fees!


6) We’ll “Evaluate” The Refinance California Loan Program You’ve Chosen, So That You Know You’re Getting The Right Refinance Loan For Your Situation! You’ll benefit from powerful techniques that keep you from overpaying when refinancing in California. You keep more of your money in your pocket!

7) We’ll “Negotiate” The Best Possible Deal For You With The California Lender… So That You Avoid Costly Traps And Pitfalls! You don’t have to be an expert… just sit back and let the experts do what we do best!

8) We’ll “Coordinate” All Inspections, Appraisals, Escrow, Title Services And Closings, With The Very Best Firms… So You Can Feel Confident And Focus On Other Tasks During Your California Refinancing Process!

9) You’ll Receive Free Kits, Guides And Exclusive Special Reports Jam Packed With Vital Tips To Help Guide You Through To Making The Right California Refinance Decisions… arm yourself with this valuable information so you can become an informed consumer, instead of an unwilling victim!

10) You’ll Receive Weekly Alerts And Updates Regarding Your California Refinance…You’ll never have to guess where you’re at in the refinancing process!

As A Special Bonus: You’ll receive a Free Comprehensive Debt & Financial Analysis – So you can know exactly how your bills stack up… so you’ll know how to get out from up under them through our “Rapid Debt Elimination Program™”! The road to wealth and happiness starts with a sound financial plan!

And As A Super Bonus: You’ll Receive A Credit Evaluation & Consultation And A Copy Of Your Credit Report And Credit Scores From ALL 3 Major Credit Bureaus!! Stop the guessing game… you’ll know exactly what’s on your credit report and then we’ll show you how to deal with it… so you can keep your past from hurting your future and get your life back on track!


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