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If you lose your house to foreclosure, not only will you be forced out of your own house, but in less than a month, it could wipe out everything you've worked so hard for ... you will lose your house, life savings, retirement funds, your credit, other family assets … not to mention your pride and self-respect!

If you're a homeowner in trouble and need to know what to do to survive foreclosure without losing everything, this may be the most important informaion you'll ever read. Read this in its entirety because your financial future and quality of life may depend on how quickly you digest this information and take action on it as well!

If you've received a foreclosure notice, or are worried about your ability to meet your mortgage obligations, don't panic yet! Whatever your situation, foreclosure doesn't necessarily mean you have to lose your home, or your credit rating, or both!

There are many options available to solve your problem - from refinancing your mortgage to selling your home outright. What's important - and what there is no alternative for - is making sure that you are thoroughly informed of the options available to you.
It doesn't matter if your house is in need of repairs, if your loan is non-assumable… even if you have bad credit - there are options.
The important thing is to ACT QUICKLY, especially if you're currently in foreclosure. The first step is to learn exactly what options you have available.

Whatever alternatives work best for you, the important thing to remember is that there are alternatives and solutions, and you need to understand them all. Only when you know what options you have can you truly make the best choice for you and your family.

A record percentage of U.S. homeowners are facing foreclosure, and many more are falling behind on monthly house payments.

During April, May and June, 1.83% of mortgages - about 940,000 - were in the foreclosure process. That's the highest rate in its 30 years of tracking, the Mortgage Bankers Association said Monday. A year earlier, not even 1% of mortgages were in foreclosure.

The skyrocketing numbers of foreclosures will devastate millions of people personally and financially, not to mention ruin their credit for many years.

It's a sad fact of life. A sudden loss of job or income ... a mortgage you can no longer afford ... an unexpected hospital stay with huge medical bills ... can change you and your family's financal future and life in the blink of an eye! Foreclosure bankrupts you!

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WARNING... Don't Even Think About Facing Your Foreclosure On Your Own Till You Have Fully Prepared Yourself With The Crucially Vital Information In This GroundBreaking New System!!

I've personally seen so many people lose everything in foreclosure only to later realize that they could have saved more - maybe even their house - if they'd just known what to do, and exacly how to do it!

What you may not realize is that it's one thing to be going through foreclosure … it's a whole other thing to understand how life will be after foreclosure if you don't make the right decisions now.

The cold hard fact of the matter is that the next actions you take once you receive your Notice of Default or Lis Penden could make all the difference in the world as to what your life will be like for the next decade.

I've seen it happen all too often with people in foreclosure who don't know what to do. They desperately pray for a way out, asking anyone who'll listen for advice. They get their hopes up when someone says they can help, and then they retreat into depression when they find out that they can't!

Still, many spend up to their last day before foreclosure in a frantic search for a miracle, searching for that one person or service that can erase all their problems overnight!

Of course, it never happens!

Are Nasty Bill Collecters Calling You Non-Stop?

Are You Getting Threatening Letters In The Mail?

Are Strangers Knocking On Your Door?

Did You Know That Many So-Called "Foreclosure Assistance" Experts Are Really Just "Con-Artists"?

Do You Have ANY Idea What To Do Next?

My name is Khallil Zakee. I am a real estate consultant and I can share with you the secrets to saving your home from foreclosure. I have shown homeowners how to not only stop foreclosure... but also how to save thousands of dollars by avoiding the biggest mistakes so many others make! Many people in situations just like yours are hesitant to do anything because they are having a hard time finding out who and what to believe! Homeowners seek solutions they so desperately need...but they are surprised at how few people are aware of how to help them creatively find an answer to their problem.

My licensed team of professionals can help you obtain the best terms for a broad spectrum of workout solutions including:

- Loan modifications
- Repayment Plans
- Reinstatement
- Forbearance

When retaining a home is not feasible or desirable from a customer standpoint, we provide education and work hard to deliver the most favorable terms and shortest turn-around time for our clients so that foreclosure can be avoided. Workout options that we facilitate include:

- Short-Sale
- Deed-in-lieu
- Cash for Keys

Unlike other companies, we do not charge an upfront fee for our services and only receive payment after we have successfully managed a workout solution for our clients.

Trying To Deal With A Foreclosure On Your Own Can Be The Most Frustrating And Damaging Experience Of Your Entire Life... Don't Go Into The Battle Field Alone And Unarmed!!

There are multiple ways foreclosure will affect your life and you must address them all if you're going to avoid the most loss. There are ways … strategic and careful tactics … that can help you avoid foreclosure or at least come out on top in the process.

Much of the current information you're getting is incorrect - and will actually dig a deeper grave for you ... and possibly destroy your only chances to avoid foreclosure and get things back on track for you and your family.

Even more scary is multitude of different foreclosure scams that are springing up every day. Honstly, there are literally hundreds of companies and people that look and sound legitimate, but they're really just out to take advantage of you and your foreclosure situation.

When you're in danger of foreclosure, you have no time to sift through the massive amount of free information out there. You have absoltely no room for bad advice.

What will you do when the bank shuts you out of your house?

I can't overemphasize the fact that the earlier you get the right information in your hands, the better! No matter what situation you're in - even if you're one week away from your foreclosure date - there is still time to postpone your foreclosure and try to cut your losses … even stop the foreclosure altogether!

Learn how to protect you and your family from losing everything!!

That's why I've compiled the the most dynamic system ever designed to effectively stop the foreclosure process in it's tracks INSTANTLY... titled My Exclusive Distressed "Homeowner BailOut™ Foreclosure Assistance" Program

Having this information takes the fear out of your situation because you'll no longer be dealing with the unknown ... it guides you step-by-step through the foreclosure crisis and puts an immediate end to your foreclosure problems!

My Exclusive Distressed "Homeowner BailOut™ Foreclosure Assistance" Program Offers You A Guaranteed Solution To Solve All Of Your Foreclosure Problems!!

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Let's Take A Quick Look At Exactly EVERYTHING You'll Be Getting.......

MODULE #1: "The Untold Truth About Foreclosure"


1. "The Untold Truth About Foreclosure"

regular price... $97

sale price... $67

"Yours ABSOLUTELY FREE ... Included As Part Of The Complete System!!!

MODULE #1: "The Untold Truth About Foreclosure"

"The Untold Truth About Foreclosure"

Which will allow you to discover ALL of your options, including...

The "18 Legitimate Strategies" To get You Completely Out Of The Foreclosure Process. The More You Know Your options you have available, the less stressfull the situation will be, and the quicker you can come out on top.

Fool Proof Action Steps You Can Take IMMEDIATELY To Alleviate The Pressure And Deal With Your Foreclosure Problems. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you take charge and address your foreclosure situation immediately.

Discovering The “Real” Truth About Foreclosure. Contrary to what most believe, foreclosure is worse to have on your record than a bankruptcy.

The Biggest Reasons Not To Wait To Take Action To Prevent Foreclosure. If you are facing foreclosure, you shouldn’t wait to take action to prevent your foreclosure. Taking action right away can prevent foreclosure, protect your credit, and save lots of money and trouble now and in the future.

The Basic Foreclosure Process Explained In Simple Terms So You Understand What's Going On, And You Won't Get Confused Into Making A Mistake. The ultimate goal of the foreclosing lender is to end the rights of possession of the property owner.

Judicial vs. Non-Judicial Methods of Foreclosure. Generally speaking, there are two types of foreclosure, judicial and non-judicial. Many people who are in Foreclosure don’t understand exactly what the process is or what it entails.

Understanding Mortgages And Their Role In Foreclosure. Many people are in foreclosure because they didn’t understand the terms and conditions of their loan.

Tips For Dealing With Your Lender On Your Terms So You Can Get Exctly What You Want. You have an armory of tactics and options which can enable you to stop foreclosure proceedings in their tracks. There are certain basic rules to follow if you want to stop foreclosure on your home.

Your Very Best Options When You “CAN” Afford To Keep Your Loan. Choosing one alternative over another to avoid foreclosure is a matter of determining if you can financially afford to keep your loan or not; and which alternative makes the most sense for your particular situation.

Discover Your Most Viable Options When You “CAN’T” Afford To Keep Your Loan. What are your real options and how do you exercise them properly so you can move on as quickly as possible.

How To Recognize & Avoid The Pitfalls Of The Numerous Foreclosure Scams That Are Flooding The Nation In Epidemic Proportions. Most homeowners don’t understand their own situation, let alone what real and legal options they have, and are usually under a great deal of duress in their foreclosure situation. This gives scammers a field day that will make the homeowner’s nightmare even worse.

Recieve All The Foreclosure-Related Legislation & Forms You Need To Effectively Deal With Any Situation. Learn the important legislation that will help millions of people recover from foreclosure and the most common forms that are related to foreclosure.

Learn All About Bankruptcy And Whether It's A Viable Option For You. Yes, Bankruptcy can be a viable option but but it is very complicated and you could hurt your case more than help it.

Discover How You Can Prevent A Foreclosure Altogether. You do not have to lose your house if you are about to go into foreclosure or are already in foreclosure. You have multiple options for saving your home and your credit rating.

Find Out Exactly What To Do In The Early Stages Of The Foreclosure Process So That You Can Still Come Out Ahead When It's All Said And Done. In the early stages of the foreclosure process you may be able to come to terms with your lender on a payment plan. As the property sale date approaches your options become more and more limited.

Uncover Secret Tactics So You Know Exactly What You Need To Do During The Foreclosure Process. There is still time to save your home during this time but it is short and your options are limited.

You'll Learn The Most Common Reasons That Cause Foreclosure. It’s important to note that foreclosure can happen to anyone at anytime, not just to those caught in a bad housing market.

My comprehensive manual teaches all of this and so much more...





regular price... $97

sale price... $67

"Yours ABSOLUTELY FREE ... Included As Part Of The Complete System!!!



Which will allow you to discover ALL of your options, including...

The most important ingredient in selling a house fast is not what you may think!

It’s not……

    • Price
    • Neighborhood
    • Size
    • Condition
    • Value

It’s the flexibility in the financing! How flexible you are willing to be on the financing will determine how fast your house will sell. Financing meaning “terms and price”

The easier you make it for buyers to get into your house -- the quicker the house will sell. It doesn’t mean you have to give your house away -- just make it easier for qualified buyers to get into your home!

Think about this for a moment……..

The average time on the market for a home to sell is 180 days. That’s at least 6 months before the home is sold -- and another 30-60 days to close the loan! Now do you have that kind of time???

  • What if you’re being transferred and don’t have time to wait?
  • What if you already bought another home and can’t afford two mortgage payments?
  • What if your income has been cut in half due to divorce and now you have to start over?
  • What if you need debt relief night now because of a job loss and can’t afford to wait for the home to be sold?
  • What if you have little or no equity and can’t afford to list the house and wait for it sell?

Or most importantly…

What if you simply just want to move on and don’t want to go through the headaches and hassles of selling your home?

Open houses, “curious shoppers” and trying to find the perfect buyer with cash and credit to purchase your home is a challenge very few people are really up for! If ANY of these situations apply to you -- and you want to sell your home quickly… you simply must be flexible on either “price”, “terms” or Both!

The more you are willing to help someone buy your home -- without hurting yourself of course -- the quicker your home will be out of your hands… and you’ll be able to get on with your life!

In fact, one heavily guarded secret that only experienced successful investors know and most real estate professionals eventually learn is this…

A House’s True Market Value Is Determined By The Financing… Not Appraisals!!

You can add More Value to your home – simply by being More Flexible on the terms of the financing….And The Quicker You Can Sell It! You create winning situations for yourself and for your buyer!!

It is absolutely crucial to sell your home quickly because as many people will tell you -- if you don’t already know -- holding costs can TOTALLY eat you alive!

People are eager to buy, but with so many houses going up for sale on the market – they can afford to be a little picky and reserved in their buying decisions. After all, buying a home is the biggest decision most people will ever make in their lives. No one wants to make a mistake!

By being flexible -- you stand above the crowd. You’re able to sell your house quicker and easier… and the buyer is able to realize their dream of home ownership. Everybody wins!

Trust me -- I’m not saying to give your house away... Just stay open minded and receptive to solutions… and the different financing options available for you to use!

My comprehensive manual teaches all of this and so much more...


PACKAGE #3: "The Complete Legal Forms Package"


3. "The Complete Legal Forms Package"

regular price... $97

sale price... $67

"Yours ABSOLUTELY FREE ... Included As Part Of The Complete System!!!

PACKAGE #3: "The Complete Legal Forms Package"

The Complete Legal Forms Package:All The forms you'll ever need to handle every aspect of your foreclosure situation from start to finish. No matter which option you choose to take, you'll know you're completely covered and protected to accomplish your goals the right way... without risk or failure!





regular price... $97

sale price... $67

"Yours ABSOLUTELY FREE ... Included As Part Of The Complete System!!!



5 Complete Career Courses All In 1 Complete System!

1: Managing Your Lost Career!

2: The Absolute Essentials of Searching For a Job!

3. How To Get A Job Fast!

4. The Killer Keys To Job Search Success!

5. Job Opportunity Evaluation Kit!

1: Managing Your Lost Career!

"Managing Your Lost Career!"

Maybe you are not happy with what you are currently doing?

Maybe you want something else but don’t know what that “Something Else” actually is?

This course includes a number of exercises and assignments that will enable you to answer all of your questions and teach you all you need to know in order for your to rediscover your lost career!

You spend so much of your time at work it makes sense to do something that you are best suited to and something that you enjoy!

“How To Manage Your Lost Career” will get you back on track.

It will be just like taking your car in for a service! But this time we will be looking under the bonnet of your career!

Course contents:

- Produce your career and life goals

- Know what direction you need to move in

- Know what is important to you in a career and what is not

- Produce a winning CV that sells you as a person

- Answer any interview question that is thrown at you

- Overcome any interview nerves

- Communicate your strengths without bragging

- Understand what interviewers are looking for in a potential candidate

- Prepare and plan beforehand to ensure a successful interview

- Negotiate for a better pay deal

- Negotiate for better terms and conditions

2: The Absolute Essentials Of Searching For A Job!

"The Absolute Essentials Of Searching For A Job"

Prior to looking for the specific job that would the best fit for you, learn how to effectively market your talents. This will help you gauge the possibility of landing on the job you want. First, skills and interests should be evaluated personally. Jotting down a list would definitely be the best way to define your capabilities; second, to know your limitations.

There are jobs that are too demanding that might not work for you, or jobs that you may be overly qualified for; and third, planning the time as soon as there is an inner instinct that tells you that you are ready and qualified.

You'll Learn...

    • Improve Your Interviewing Skills
    • Landing That New Job
    • The Best Jobs
    • Entry-Level Jobs
    • Job Descriptions
    • Job Search Tips for Sales Professionals
    • Tips For a Stress-Free IT Job Search
    • Searching for an Accounting Job
    • Health Care Job Search Tips
    • Must-know Tips on Executive Job Search
    • Online Job Hunting
    • How to Make the Best Out of Job Fairs
    • Successful Local Job Search
    • Identifying your skills and getting that job
    • The Ideal Resume
    • How to be Invited for Interviews
    • How to Create a List of Warm Contacts
    • Follow Up on All Contacts
    • Tips on Using Your Warm Contact List When Networking
    • How to Get Referrals from Warm Contacts

And Much, Much More!

3: How To Ge A Job Fast!

"How To Get A Job Fast"

In todays unpredictable economy, the idea of job security with any company would seem to be a thing of the past. Large company layoffs, golden handshakes, mergers, leveraged buyouts, company acquisitions and similar business moves have left people of all ages out of a job.

While there may be some compensation upon being let go from the firm you work for, this money wont last forever. Or, if eligible for unemployment benefits, this also has a finite period of time attached to the check. Sooner or later, job hunting will be necessary.

But its not only the individuals who have been turned out of jobs whom this booklet can help. How happy are you in the business youre in? Do you long to do something else with your career? If so, youre not alone. You have plenty of company in wanting to change your goals and focus in life.

Perhaps youve just turned 40 and realize that youre into the second half of a working career youve never really liked. Studies have shown that working in a job because you have to, not because you like it, can have some effect on an individuals life span. Why take years off your life when you dont have to?

The problem for most people in these situations is that theyre not sure where to start. Theyve either been tossed into this situation unexpectedly and are trying to make decisions on the run, or they know that they at least have a paycheck, so they postpone thinking about trying to focus in on a job hunt for something they truly like to do.

Well, cheer up! This booklet will help you refocus, identify the skills you have, narrow down the type of work you like to do and give you a number of outlets to gather information from in prospects of landing that job that will carry you contentedly into your retirement years. The best news is that this doesnt have to be a long, drawnout process. You can label your transferable skills and acquire helpful data within a few days! Its not a year or two effort were talking about.

The secret is knowing where to look, what to ask and how to narrow down the type of job you'd not only enjoy, but be pretty good at, too! So much of this is understanding what makes you tick! Who better to identify this than you? This booklet will give you some pointers in doing it, but it will be up to you to take the time to really analyze what it is you like and want to do. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses will give you the power to change your life!

4: The Killer Keys To Job Search Success!

"The Killer Keys To Job Search Success!"

Just by reading this e-book, you are going to be WAY AHEAD of 99% of everyone else who you might compete against in the job market.

What you are going to learn is a culmination of 30 years of experience in job changing, hiring, training and sales and marketing.

There is an expression…”the harder you work, the luckier you get”. In the case of a job search, this is definitely true.

By following the recommendations contained in this e-book, your chances of getting the job you want will dramatically Increase!

Here's Some Of What You'll Learn...

Step 1……………How Many People Do You Know That Hate Their Job?

Step 2 …………..Job-Hunting? - The Best Story Always Wins

Step 3……………5 Easy Ways to Become a Job-Search “Commando”

Step 4 …………..Cover Letter Versus Resume – Which Is More Important?

Step 5…………… 5 Key Points To Keep in Mind When Writing Your Resume

Step 6……………Screening Job Applicants – What Really Goes On Behind Closed Doors?

Step 7……………Job Interviews Are Predictable – So be Prepared

Believe me, I know first hand how hard and frustrating a job search can be – been there, done that. My advice is simple…Hang in there. Follow the ideas in this book, stay focused and don’t give up. There’s a job out there with your name on it. You just have to prepare yourself to find it.

5: The Job Opportunity Evaluation Kit!

"Job Opportunity Evaluation Kit!"

This Comprehensive Checklist Contains EVERYTHING you need to keep your job and career goals focussed and on target for Maximum Effectiveness!

Take a look at this detailed course outline and contents!

<Table of Contents>

  • Determine Your Reason for Wanting to Change
  • Select the Appropriate
  • Show me the money checklist! – Monetary
  • Onward and upward checklist! – Job Content
  • Mellow out checklist! – Stress
  • It fits me like a glove checklist! – Fit
  • Environmentally Friendly checklist! – Company Environment
  • Cover all your bases checklist! – Comprehensive
  • Career Quick Picks
  • Career Assessment
  • Career Exploration
  • Targeted Direct E-mail Campaigns
  • Resume Distribution Service
  • FREE Career Advice Newslette





regular price... $97

sale price... $67

"Yours ABSOLUTELY FREE ... Included As Part Of The Complete System!!!



New Report Shares How To Rekindle Your Relationship...

Suppose You Could Have Saved Your Marriage...

...but you didn't know where to start. If that's you, than this could be the most important letter you ever read.

You could cut the tension in your home with a knife.

You love your spouse, and they love you. You've been married for years, and at one time happily. But now it's just a memory; and you can't believe this is happening to YOU.

How did it happen? Where did your marriage skid off course? More importantly, can your relationship ever be restored to the way it was on your honeymoon?

What if you just gave up? Say you went forward with a divorce. Is that really what you want? What if you could save your marriage when you...

* Wash away the negative thoughts that are chipping away at your relationship.

* Follow the unwritten 2nd contract of marriage that successful couples do.

* Restart the conversation that has stalled behind hurt feelings.

* And more relationship-saving strategies that have proven to bring couples back together!

If you didn't act to save your marriage, could you ever forgive yourself?

You didn't think it'd end up this way on your wedding day.

But now you can't get a straight answer. Their sarcasm hurts. And making one simple request feels like you're asking them to do the impossible. Like you want them to throw a rope around Venus and pull it down or something.

Most marriages start to fail when you stop listening to each other. There's a lack of respect between you. And sexual intimacy isn't doing so hot either. Does that sound familiar?

They never want to admit to being wrong. Say one thing and do another.(i.e. "I'll change"). You suspect they're not always being honest. And maybe you're guilty of some of these things as well.

What Every Married Couple Ought To Know About Divorce

In situations like this, it's no wonder why people think divorce is the only way out. (But I know that when most people think they want a divorce, what they really want is a change.)

There's a real ugly side to divorce. It’s the easy way out. Unraveling what took years to nurture.

And the people who benefit most are the greedy lawyers who will use every trick in the book to try and destroy your partner's life. (And vice versa.)

The truth is, divorce rarely makes you happier. And usually leads to being even more miserable. What can hurt more than leaving the person you love?

To People Who Want To Save Their Marriage - But Don't Know Where To Start

In the late 80's some researchers started collecting contact information from unhappy married couples. Five years later, 86% of the couples who stayed together were more happy than they were before. Things DO get better.

My 50 page guide, "Stop Your Divorce And Save Your Marriage," will sit you down and teach you how to STOP the negative momentum of your relationship - right in it's tracks. And you can get my report right this second (because it's that important), by clicking the link at the bottom of this page and downloading it straight to your PC.

Trust me, you won't regret it. is just SOME of the marriage saving action-advice you will find inside:

=>The truth about the contract of marriage. (Pages 8-9)

=>Little known facts you may not have considered involving the economics of divorce (including the true financial cost of ending your marriage). (Page 9)

=>Does divorce really make you happier? We've got the stats. (Pages 10-11)

=>Why divorce lawyers aren't really on your side. (Page 11)

=>The secret behind "painless divorces" and why they don't really exist. (Pages 11-12)

=>How divorce can affect your child. It may be hard to read this. (Pages 13-14)

=>6 statistics that may convince you to stall any plans you have to leave your spouse. (Page 16)

=>Why negative thinking may be the real culprit behind your failing marriage. (Page 17)

=>How successfully married couples view their relationship. (This can make the difference between a happy or miserable marriage.) (Page 18)

=>The power of the words, "For better or for worse." (Page 20)

=>7 simple pleasures of marriage you may have forgotten about. (Page 21)

=>The unspoken, unwritten 2nd contract of marriage that successful couples abide by. (Page 22)

=>The secret to a successful marriage through partnership. (Page 23)

=>The difference between the sexes and how to use it to help (not hurt) your marriage. (Pages 27-29)

=>How Bill Cosby explains the sexes to the rest of us. (Pages 29-30)

=>5 times during your day when the anthem "Don't sweat the small stuff" just doesn't apply. (Pages 31-32)

=>A new way for looking at money and finances (that might save your marriage). (Pages 32-33)

=>Why you've stopped talking and how to get the conversations flowing again (without any awkward moments). (Pages 33-34)

=>How to recognize turning points in your marriage and stop last chances from becoming lost chances. (Pages 35-36)

=> 5 fundamentals that every marriage expert or counselor agrees is crucial to your relationships happiness. (Pages 37-38)

=>What friendship means inside a marriage (and how to find it). (Pages 39-42)

And there’s MUCH more – guaranteed!

Is Your Marriage Worth It To You?

Your marital problems didn't start in one day and they won't stop in one day either. So I can understand why you may be skeptical. But I know what you're going through and I believe you can stop your divorce and save your marriage.

If what you're looking for is a change, and not a divorce, I promise you my report is the first step. It's FREE to download the report with the program, but I'm sure you agree your marriage is worth several times that. And nothing compared to the $18,000 the average divorce costs (which is pennies next to the emotional toll).

Stop Your Divorce And Save Your Marriage Now...

Do you make mistakes in your marriage?

Suppose you could have saved your marriage... but you didn't. Could you ever forgive yourself? You must act now to put an end to the tension right away.





regular price... $197

sale price... $67

"Yours ABSOLUTELY FREE ... Included As Part Of The Complete System!!!



There is no greater emotional pain that can be inflicted on someone than the announcement by your partner that they want a divorce.

Even if both of you have "seen it coming" for some time, and the idea of it comes as no big surprise, the actual words still hit like a bomb exploding in head. It's really over . . . .

When it's "out-in-the-open" that the person you held hands with so many years ago, and promised to love - honor - and obey - to be supportive of, to stand beside in good times and bad -through sickness and health - for richer or poorer - no longer wants you or your love. You have been rejected, and it's just about the most damaging thing you'll ever face in your lifetime.

If you're at this point in your life right now - help is at hand.

Whatever your circumstances, it is of the utmost importance that when the pain of divorce descends upon you, you realize that you can recover -that you will recover - and that this is in reality, however bad it may seem right now, is an opportunity for you to attain real and total happiness.

These self help guides for men and women explore with you your current feelings and help you work your way through the gloom into the light at the other side of the tunnel.

You'll read about the basic steps required in recovering from divorce, how to accept your circumstances, recover from the hurt and grow as a person.

You'll discover how to win back your self esteem after divorce, how to just let go of the guilt and depression and start your journey to a better life.

Important Note: These guide books are now available for the first time in PDF format so you can read them immediately after your purchase via our secure online server.

There's no waiting for them to arrive in the mail and no additional shipping and handling costs. Because they are supplied in digital format our costs are kept to a minimum which we have passed on to you. You can order any time day or night and you'll receive the book immediately.

These guides will help you regain your self confidence, and be the kind of person you want to be - to set your sights on becoming and attaining all your ambitions - and to do what's really necessary to fulfil your dreams.

You will also learn how to take stock of your present situation; lay out a "game plan" for what kind of life you want; and start moving in a positive direction even if you have to force yourself and it will give you back the ability to make new friends and enjoy yourself.

It seems a long way from where you are now, but I'm sure that if you take this opportunity to make a new start in life it can all be yours - whatever you do I wish you success...



For Enrollment into My Exclusive Distressed "Homeowner BailOut™ Foreclosure Assistance" Program!!

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Please note that this is a downloadable system available instantly! Upon enrollment into the program you'll be able to immediately download the entire course contents and your services package. Download the entire course contents and take avantage of the services immediately upon enrollment... and literally get started within minutes!!

My Exclusive, New Foreclosure System Also Includes The Following "Foreclosure Services Package"!! You Get ALL Of My Exclusive Services At No Additional Cost To You...


1. "Foreclosure Services Package"

regular price... $697

sale price... $497

"Yours ABSOLUTELY FREE ... Included As Part Of The Complete System!!!

1) I'll thoroughly review your documentation and any correspondence you have recieved s you can fully understand your situation and your options.

2) I'll schedule a FREE 1/2 hour Consultation to help you plan your best course of action.

3) I provide you with Instant, Immediate Enrollment Into Some Of The Most Closely Guarded Foreclosure Finance and Refinance Programs .

a. I work with the most aggressive niche lenders to secure you the financing you need.

b. I'll shop your loan to my database of over 250 ACTIVE LENDERS to provide you with the absolute most financing options

c. You’ll Have Access To A Variety Of Different Financing Options To Suit Your Own Unique, Individual Needs.

d. You’ll Be Able To Compare Each Lenders Programs Against Others To Match You Up With The Best Program For Your Needs. You’ll save yourself time and money! You’ll ultimately discover the right program for your exact needs.

e. Through my innovative, new programs you’ll be approved to finance your home so your present situation doesn’t’ hurt your future plans... and your dream of home ownership remains a reality.

4) You'll Have Immediate Access to my Loan Modfication Program (SEE BELOW) which includes:

a. Re-structring your current loan with your current lender

b. Getting you a lower rate and a lower payment

c. I help you to stay in your home

d. Get your financial future back on track

e. I negotiate with your lender on your behalf to Re-Structure your loan

f. I Negotiate forebearance with your lender. Or even do a forebearnce agreement if that is necessary

g. I ’ll guide you step by step through the entire process if you’re trying to keep your home or whether you decide to move on and sell it

h. I ’ll help you solve your problems so you’ll sleep a little better at night.

5) As Another Option... You'll Have Immediate Access to my Quick Cash Closing Program (SEE BELOW) which includes:

a. Making all payments in arrears.

b. Taking over or cashing out your existing Mortgage.

c. Determining a fair cash settlement to you as the seller.

d. Taking possession of the property at your convenience.

e. Take over the property as is. You make no repairs & do no maintenance.

f. You gain instant exposure to a database of pre-qualified, pre-approved investors & buyers

g. Property Appraisal Analysis

h. I can get you the cash you need in as little as 48 hours.

i. You’ll be able to save your credit and not hurt your future.

j. I ’ll coordinate all the inspections appraisals escrows and title services so you have to worry about anything except getting back on track.

I can help you make sense of the whole process!

6) You’ll receive a "Free Home Appraisal Analysis & Comparative Market Analysis" – to determine your homes current market value!

7) You’ll Receive A “Total Cost Analysis”. You’ll Be Able To Compare Each Lenders Programs Against Others To Match You Up With The Best Program For Your Needs. You’ll save yourself time and money! You’ll ultimately discover the right mortgage program for your exact needs. It’s not just about rates! Most lenders don't want you to be able to compare apples to apples with another lender. They slide in fees, points, and other costs like hustlers on street corners. I'll show you how to compare "apples to apples" between lenders so you can easily choose the best deal! You’ll ultimately discover the right mortgage loan program for your exact needs. It’s not just about rates!

You’ll be able to go beyond just merely being quoted a rate. You’ll receive a detailed, side-by-side comparative analysis of up to four different loan scenarios! It is important to know, that if you talk to other lenders to compare rates make sure you compare the Total Cost of the loan over time – because, the single most critical element of your mortgage is the Total Cost of your loan!

8) You'll Recieve an "Annual Equity Review"... The third service is provided at 12 month intervals starting with your most recent mortgage transaction date with me-it's called the Annual Equity Review. Your physician calls it a "Wellness Exam", your dentist calls it a "Checkup", your retirement fund's yearly publication calls it a "Prospectus", your mechanic calls it "Winterizing", etc., etc. Of course, this review is complementary.

"So, what is it?"
The Annual Equity Review is a one-hour meeting in which we discuss your income, credit report, debts, and assets as they stand now in comparison to 12 months ago.

"Why do I need it?"
Think about the largest debt account and largest asset account you are most likely to have...your mortgage and your retirement. Even though one is a debt and the other is an asset, your mortgage can actually be used as a tool to help accomplish your long term and short-term financial goals.

What you may not have thought of is that your income, credit, debts, and assets are all vital components of the success of both your mortgage financing and your retirement. Because of this, they need to be reviewed and evaluated once a year at a minimum. Since implementing this service I've found it necessary to transition from the role of a typical Loan Officer to a more proactive roll as a Mortgage Planner.

As such, I am helping people like you discover opportunities they didn't know they had or ever thought possible. I recently met with a couple and showed them how to increase their retirement assets by $880,000 in 10 years. Your situation may be more or less dramatic than that, but needless to say, those clients were glad we reconnected!

9) You’ll Receive An “Equity Repositioning Analysis”. You’ll discover several financial and mortgage planning strategies to help you free up cash and invest the difference to create wealth!

10) You’ll Receive A “Monthly Rate Watch Report”. You’ll automatically be alerted to new loan programs available to you that lead to additional savings and wealth building opportunities!

The only thing any of us can predict with 100% accuracy about the future is that things will change. And those changes can have a profound effect on how well your current home loan suits your needs.This unique service will keep you informed and aware of the most important financial and interest rate changes in the market.

Even more importantly, RateWatch can keep you from missing critical windows of opportunity. Too many times over the years we’ve had clients call us about refinancing their home two weeks too late. Interest rates had climbed back up. They tell us, “if only we had known rates were so low, we would have refinanced.” Unfortunately, once that window of opportunity to save money by refinancing slams shut, it often stays shut for years to come.

To solve that frustrating and costly problem for our valuable and important clients like you we have created the RateWatch service.

You are automatically enrolled in this service. I will personally make sure you receive monthly updates that compare your existing mortgage to the current market rates. You will see in black and white whether it’s time to refinance or not. And you will receive this information in time to take action if you need to. RateWatch will also inform you how much money you can save and how quickly you can build equity by making a small additional principal payment each month if you want to.

11) I ’ll“Negotiate” The Best Possible Deal For You, So That You Avoid Costly Traps And Pitfalls! You don’t have to be an expert… just sit back and let the experts do what we do best!

12) I ’ll coordinate all the inspections, appraisals, escrows and title services so you have to worry about anything except getting back on track. I ’ll“Coordinate” All Inspections, Appraisals, Escrow And Title Services And Closings, With The Very Best Firms So You Can Feel Confident And Focus On Other Tasks During Your Loan Process!

13) You’ll Receive A Free Weekly List Of Loan Programs Currently Available By Mail, Email Or Fax. No more browsing through countless websites or calling every ad you see to find the best rates, programs and fees!

14) You’ll Have Access To A Variety Of Different Financing Options To Suit Your Own Unique, Individual Needs… including fixed rates, interest only, pay option arms and hybrid loan programs… and No Closing Costs loans!

15) You’ll Receive Free Kits, Guides And Exclusive Special Reports Jam Packed With Vital Tips To Help Guide You Through To Making The Right Refinance Decisions… arm yourself with this valuable information so you can become an informed consumer, instead of an unwilling victim!

16) You’ll Have Immediate Access To Your Account Manager’s Information. Professional help, there when you need it!

17) You’ll Receive Weekly Alerts And Updates By Email, Voice-Broadcast, Fax, Direct Mail And Of Course… Good Old-Fashioned Live Communication, Just Because I Believe In The Personal Touch. You’ll never have to guess where you’re at in the loan process!

18) Every Month You’ll Receive Our Free Monthly Newsletters. You’ll be able to stay on top of what’s going on in the world of real estate… get inside information first, before it becomes Breaking News! We want you to be our client for life… and we strive to stay connected and keep you informed!

19) 24/7 Unlimited Access To UNLIMITED SUPPORT. You’ll Have Access To 24 Hour Customer Support 7 Days A Week. My trained, caring staff is available to you around the clock to answer your questions and concerns. It’s never an inconvenient hour… we’re there when you need us! 24 Hour support 7 Days a week for questions and concerns. Why Do it alone? Get 24 hour email support from me and my qualified staff. Don't understand something? You will have exclusive email addresses for myself & my support staff. You will be able to reach my office 24/7. If you encounter a roadblock or are at a loss for what to do simply send an email to my exclusive and private email address. You'll have unlimited access to my highly trained team of specialists. We'll be ‘at your service’, working diligently for you

20) Free Lifetime Updates - no additional charge to you for new tips, techniques, tactics or any other mortgage planning strategies as they become available after I personally test them out before you use them.

As A Special Bonus: You’ll receive a Free Comprehensive Debt & Financial Analysis – So you can know exactly how your bills stack up… so you’ll know how to get out from up under them through our “Rapid Debt Elimination Program™”! The road to wealth and happiness starts with a sound financial plan!

As An Added Bonus: An in depth Tax Review & Analysis. You’ll learn how to take advantage of current tax shelters, benefits and deductions to help you save tons of money! Get your full share of the benefits that the law allows by simply planning your mortgage ahead!

And As A Super Bonus: You’ll receive a Free Credit Evaluation & Consultation and a Free Copy of your Credit Report and Credit Scores from ALL 3 major credit bureaus!! Stop the guessing game… you’ll know exactly what’s on your credit report and then we’ll show you how to deal with it… so you can keep your past from hurting your future and get your life back on track!

As An Ultimate Bonus:

I'll work hard to obtain you A Loanfirst™ Approval. Getting approved with a LoanFirst™ is just like having money in the bank.You’ll Start Off Winning The Game With A Loanfirst™ Pre-Approval. Getting pre-approved for your home loan with a LoanFirst™ is just like having money in the bank. Don’t start the home buying or refinancing process backwards! Successfully Get “Pre-Approved” And Not Just "Pre-Qualified". Being Pre-Qualified Isn’t Worth The Paper It’s "NOT" Printed On!

I can pre-approve your mortgage in 48 hours or less!

I will review your credit and financial situation and if you qualify for one of my special home loan programs, I will pre-approve your mortgage for the home of your dreams using my exclusive LOANFIRST™ Pre-Approval process in less than 48 hours.. GUARANTEED!! The only way you could lose is by not taking action.

As a leader in the mortgage and real estate industry, I feel that it is important to use the latest technology to educate my clients regarding their choices for mortgage financing in today's market.

I believe that "proper mortgage planning" and learning how large of a loan you can qualify for is the first step in the TOTAL realestate planning process

I will gather as much information needed to pre-approve your loan so that you can shop as a cash buyer.

I have a full line of mortgage products for first time buyers, move up buyers and investors —including FHA mortgages, no down-payment loans and programs especially for those with blemished credit histories.

If you have not started shopping for a home loan, I can get the entire process going for you quickly and easily .

Cash Savings- A Loanfirst™ will save you money per month in pure cash savings. That adds up in savings in the first year and over the life of the loan. Again this is pure cash savings that you will be able to do whatever you want with. Think of it as getting a pay raise.

Term Reduction- If you paid into A Loanfirst™ program what you are currently paying in minimum monthly payments you will be debt free and just years. Keep in mind that with your credit cards it is going to take 20 to 25 years because they are revolving in your minimum payments are going straight to interest. That is the beauty of a simple interest loan. You can actually make progress every month and actually get yourself out of debt. Keep in mind that you are not incurring any new debt, but simply restructuring your existing obligations into a more financially responsible and beneficial program.

Tax Deductibility- Remember that unlike your credit cards, personal or auto loans, A Loanfirst™ is tax deductible which will save you even more money. How much of a tax refund did you get last year? Wouldn't it be nice to get more of the refund this year?

Consolidate Multiple Payments Into One- Wouldn't it be nice to only have to make one payment every month? Just think, no more writing "X" number of different checks which need to be mailed to "X" number of different places with "X" number of different due dates each month. How many late charges did you incur last year as a result of this?

Increase Your Credit Scores- By paying off all of these high balances your credit risk score will skyrocket. This will open doors to you for all types of financing. In addition you will be able to take advantage of my free refinance a guarantee and get into an even better program if it becomes available.

Free Up Available Credit- With all of your credit cards maxed out you really are in a dangerous position. What would you do if you needed money for an emergency or of something suddenly changed with your employment situation?

1. "Foreclosure Services Package"

regular price... $697

sale price... $497

"Yours ABSOLUTELY FREE ... Included As Part Of The Complete System!!!

For Enrollment into My Exclusive Distressed "Homeowner BailOut™ Foreclosure Assistance" Program Don’t Wait Another Minute!
Order Today For Only$67!!


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Please note that this is a downloadable system available instantly! Upon enrollment into the program you'll be able to immediately download the entire course contents and your services package. Download the entire course contents and take avantage of the services immediately upon enrollment... and literally get started within minutes!!

My Powerful Mortgage Modification Program


regular price... $697

sale price... $497

"Yours ABSOLUTELY FREE ... Included As Part Of The Complete System!!!

Are you possibly headed for foreclosure and don’t qualify for a refinance? I have a great new in-house program available for you to help you save your house even if you can’t qualify for a refinance! This program is for you if you fit any or all of the following situations:

• Behind on your mortgage

• Little or no equity in your property

• Upside down in your current mortgage loan

• Struggling to keep up on your monthly mortgage payments

• Can’t qualify for a refinance for whatever reason

• You have an ARM (Adjustable Rate Mortgage) that just adjusted and the payments are now too high

• You're behind on payments and Headed to foreclosure

If you fit one or more of these criteria, you can qualify for my Exclusive Loan Modification Program rather than a refinance! Almost all lenders are willing to negotiate with me in order to avoid the expensive fees they incur when they foreclose on a borrower. You will get a lower rate and an affordable payment. I'm helping you save your home and getting you on the road back to financial security.

Here’s how it works. I have a special in house attorney to negotiate with your mortgage lender and take care of all the legal and leg work. The majority of the work is done by my team of experts and my exclusive "special needs" attorney.

Thousands of borrowers are getting their loans modified but 93% of borrowers who try to negotiate this on their own fail. With the services of a mortage professional and a qualified attorney, most will be approved.

I represent a group of legal and mortgage professionals dedicated to assisting homeowners with mortgage delinquencies and potential foreclosures.

How I Help You

I start working for you from the initial call. In my California Operations Center, I will gather and analyze your data and begin to prepare a strategic plan to help save your home. With plan in hand, my Mitigation Team will negotiate with your lender to stop your foreclosure, so you don't have to! Because I know and work with all lenders regularly, they are very receptive to me and my clients. I know how to present your situation to them so that you end up with the best solution.

Below is just a short list of the most common ways to possibly stop your foreclosure:

Reinstatement - In this plan, you promise your lender to make a payment later so that your mortgage payment becomes regular again. This often needs wise negotiation, so I help you negotiate to reinstate your due payments.

Restructure - I can negotiate with your lenders to restructure your loan. There are many options available to get a restructure approved. Some of these options are separate payment plan for your delinquency, or adding a delinquency to the end of your mortgage loan.

Refinance - I can help you refinance your mortgage loans. I have good relations with banks and reputable lenders, who can give you loan, if there is enough equity available in the property.

Forbearance - Through this, I can talk to your lender to allow you hold off your payments for a while, with a plan to set you back in the track.

Short Sale - I may be able to negotiate a Short Sale on your behalf with your lender(s). In this instance the lender may take less than what you owe on the loan to avoid a lengthy and costly foreclosure process.

Deed-in-lieu of Foreclosure - This does not allow you to keep your home, but nonetheless it is much better than a foreclosure. Here, you agree with your lender to give up your home, and he agrees to forgive your debt.


These are troubled times for many homeowners with few apparent options available. Lenders don't seem to care that homeowners need their assistance and shockingly would rather take the homes back rather than helping owners keep them. Lenders are not moving fast enough for homeowners to avoid losing their homes or ruining their credit! In most cases, when a homeowner contacts their lender directly, the homeowner has no idea what options are available to them and are frustrated in their attempts reach a person who can help. We will evaluate your individual case and present you with realistic options that will help you to stay in your home.


Once I have completed my Research and Analysis I will work to Re-structure your loan:





Sometimes it becomes impossible to refinance and just as disappointing to try and sell when many people have very little or no equity. With the mortgage crisis getting worse every day many families are facing incredibly high mortgage payments. With lending guidelines tightening up and property values dropping, traditional options are drying up.

Chances are you may be in one of these situations:

"I have tried to refinance and I can't because of my credit scores" or "I don't have enough equity' or 'I can't qualify because of my income", etc… -OR-

"My loan is about to adjust and I have no idea how to make the higher mortgage payment…" -OR-

"Two months ago I missed my mortgage payment. Now my lender wants all of the arrearages up front or they are going to start the foreclosure process."


* My goal is to improve your situation

* Give you a fresh start

* Our success rate is Outstanding

Few people outside of the banking world have the specialized knowledge or technical expertise to work with your current lender(s) to 'Re-Structure' your loans. I am anexperienced professional and I provide my clients and their lenders with unique plans that both parties can accept.

The truth is that the lenders don't want another home to add to their growing inventory. It is my job to show the lender(s) that it is better for them to keep you in the property than to take it back.

!! CAUTION !! Because As Glamorous As All Of This Sounds...

There are hundreds of companies out there that will only encourage the homeowner to sell their property through a short sale. In many cases, this may not be in the best interest of you as the homeowner. If done incorrectly, you will have some very serious negative consequences following you for years to come.


I am a specialist in working with your lender, or lenders, to restructure your current loan(s) by providing you with a unique, professional plan that you and your lender can accept.

I fully understand that you have a serious problem and only a short time to overcome the real possibility of losing your property.

I represent a group of experienced real estate and financial professionals who understand that federal rules and lender foreclosure policies often conflict. Few people outside the banking world have the knowledge to work with your current lender to restructure your loan.

I firmly believe that bankruptcy is your absolute LAST resort.

Typical results of my restructuring plans are as follows:

1. LOAN MODIFICATION - 99% of all 'A' type lenders and 87% of sub-prime lenders will negotiate a loan modification where most of the delinquent payments and foreclosure fees are added on to the back end of the loan. Payments can remain approximately the same. In some cases the interest rate will be reduced permanently.

2. FORBEARANCE PROGRAMS - Typically 13% of sub-prime lenders will only be offered a workout program that requires you to immediately pay at least 20% or more of the total delinquencies including foreclosure fees, plus the balance of the delinquency will be added to their regular monthly payments over a period of six to forty-eight months. Forbearance plans do not remove a foreclosure action but simply stop it in place until the loan is current.

Homeowners that try to work directly with their lender have a failure rate of over 93%. Most attorneys don't have a clue on how to deal with these hard-nosed, number crunching lenders.



Very small chance. Everything you say will be used against you. Only a qualified professional will know what to say and what not to say. Only a qualified professional knows the laws, your rights, and how to deal with the lender.

There is no exact answer, usually a couple of weeks. Government loans can take longer to work out. Fortunately, most lenders will take only a few weeks to approve a loan modification program once they have received a complete package. Many lenders will postpone the sale of your property if they have received a complete package if you are at least two to three weeks before the sale date.

What My 1st Mortgage Planner, Inc. will do for you?
i will evaluate and analyze your case and complete all necessary research. Upon completion of the research and analysis phase, i will offer you my opinion as to what I feel would be an appropriate outcome and / or resolution to your individual case. Although there is no guarantee of results, I am very experienced and will offer you the best chance to resolve your mortgage dilemma.

For Enrollment into Our Exclusive Distressed "Homeowner BailOut™ Foreclosure Assistance" Program!!

Don’t Wait Another Minute!
Order Today For Only$67!!


regular price... $697

sale price... $497

"Yours ABSOLUTELY FREE ... Included As Part Of The Complete System!!!



My Exclusive "Quick Cash Closing Program"


regular price... $697

sale price... $497

"Yours ABSOLUTELY FREE ... Included As Part Of The Complete System!!!

I realize that having your home in foreclosure can be a difficult situation. However, if you do nothing, hoping for a miracle, your home will be legally taken from you by the bank.

Not only do you risk the chance of losing your home, but just as importantly you risk losing all of the equity you have obtained in your property. You do have an option that you can use to resolve this matter, but time is quickly running out to use it.

You’re not alone. At one time or another, most of us have had legal hassles and money worries. I can really help you right now. We pay cash for houses and do so in 5 days or less.

Of course, you are skeptical -- and I think I know why. Many of us -- including myself, have been bitterly disappointed in the past with big promises and little results.


I have stopped the trustee sale process cold by working with the lenders! This gives you time to make a deal. Time to locate a new home. Time to pack your possessions. Time to move.

This program really works. You’ll receive cash or cashier’s check within 2-5 days of our agreement. I take pride in the results that I have produced for people like yourself. I have more than 19 years of experience in solving real estate and people problems.

I know you may be skeptical. That simply shows you have good common sense. However, If you put me to the test you’ll find that I have the best solutions to your financial problems.

You have nothing to lose and so much to gain. Don’t allow your home to be sold at PUBLIC AUCTION (trustee sale).

If you do nothing hoping for a miracle, the law will take its course and you will lose your home at a PUBLIC AUCTION. Not only will you lose your home but also your equity because houses sold at PUBLIC AUCTION usually go for thirty five (35%) to fifty (50%) percent less than houses sold on the open market. This isn’t surprising when you think about it. Foreclosed homes sell for pennies on the dollar.

Let's face facts. If you can not pay the bank what you owe them then your home will be taken from you and you will also lose all the equity that has accumulated in your property. In this situation the best thing you can do is stop this foreclosure by selling your property for the amount of equity you have in it.

Remember: Your lender doesn’t care about where you are going to live once they take your HOME. They don’t care about how your family’s going to EAT! They don’t care about you or how you and your family are going to SURVIVE! They just want their MONEY!

What is the “unpardonable sin” in life? What one thing brings it’s own punishment? What surely spells extinction?

PROCRASTINATION!! That is the “unpardonable sin” What are you waiting for? In just days you will lose your home to foreclosure sale. Don’t stick your head in the sand!

If you care about your family which I KNOW YOU DO; then you MUST Listen to me! Don’t be like most homeowners who are losing their homes and IGNORE THE WARNINGS! Don’t let your pride stand in the way of accepting our help at a time like this when you so desperately need it.

I buy homes from people just like you in neighborhoods just like yours. Using conventional and alternative financing sources. I am able to buy your house quickly and let you get on with your life. Typically, I can close within 5-7 days – or in as little as 48 hours!

I'm not out to take advantage of you and steal your house. And I don’t make insulting “lowball” offers. I can buy your house on terms that meet your approval.


Finally, you can put an end to the hassle of selling your house. Simply give me the facts about your situation -- and within minutes you'll know exactly what I can do for you. You’ll know exactly how I can help you …

If I am unable to make a reasonable offer on your house then I won’t waste your time. You’ll know within minutes what's the best I can do for you. Even if by some chance my offer is unacceptable, you’ve still lost nothing… because I do all the work!

I buy houses that others simply won't consider because of one reason: I Get Personally Involved. Others just don't take the time to listen to how to meet your needs -- because everyone's situation is different from the next person.

I am an investor and of course I do expect to make a profit so if you need all cash AND complete and full retail value for your house, then simply do not call me. However, if you have some flexibility and need a resolution quickly so you can quit putting your entire life on hold then give me a call.

No Obligation

No Fees

No Commissions

I Just Want To Buy Your House As Quickly As Possible!!

Life can bring on many circumstances to deal with and unfortunately some of those are not pleasant to work through. Selling your house can be the exact type of stress you need relief from -- and that is what I specialize in. I buy houses no matter what the situation… so people can simply make a difficult decision easy, and just move on in life!

Do you want or need to sell quickly without a lot of hassles. Do you want to avoid listing your house with a real estate agent? I can Help! These are some of the common situations that I deal with every day!

          • Little or No Equity? Behind on Payments?

          • Transferred? Liens/Judgments? Divorce?

          • Bad Tenants? Vacant? Two House Payments?

          • Estate Sale? Inheritance? Foreclosure?

I specialize in quick, reliable real estate solutions. I can make all your payments and pay all closing costs! I can handle any house, in any situation at any price.

"I challenge you to call me with a situation that I can’t handle!"

There are a variety of ways you can sell your house and it doesn’t have to be a complicated process. In fact you can close in as little as 48 hours or as long as… you name when! Order today and discover immediately how the solution to your problems is just momets away.

What If We Were Sitting At Your Dining Room Table Right Now, And I Told You I Wanted To Buy Your House? We Can Probably Wrap Up The Whole Thing Within 24 Hours... Would You Perk Up A Little If That Were The Case?

The purchase price will be sufficient -- I guarantee it. I will immediately take the financial burden of any monthly mortgage payments off your back, and we'll also take care of any fix-ups or maintenance --regardless of how minor or how serious. What's more… we'll close when you're ready.

One of the main problem solvers I can offer is Peace of Mind. Sometimes the hardest aspect of having to move is actually having your home up for sale and your life in limbo. You've heard the saying 'Sometimes the not-knowing is the hardest part! When you approve the paperwork with me … you will know that your payments and home are taken care of -- so you can start over and have that peace of mind!

I can take care of all the paperwork in less than a day. I simply order the title research, and draw up the papers. We can set a date when you can move out and I will take over the house after that.

I take care of the monthly payments, I take on all responsibility for the maintenance and upkeep of the property, and you get to liquidate your asset before it becomes a liability! Now seriously, does it get any better than that? As I stated before, my program can work in any situation and in any market.

Please don't misunderstand or assume that I have to 'steal' your house or low-ball offer you-- or that you need a lot of equity for me to be interested. I've worked with all kinds of circumstances and have been thoroughly trained to create solutions after so-called 'experts' have given up and quit.

1) You'll Benefit From A Rapid, Flexible Sale of Your Home - You select the date that you want to move out. We can complete our transaction in 2-5 days or less!

2) You Have The Certainty of A GUARANTEED Sale - Avoid the disappointment of 'selling' your home, waiting 45 days for the buyer to qualify and then finding out the deal fell through for any number of reasons. Then the process starts all over again, but the pressure is really on you now!

3) You Avoid Sales Paying A High Sales Commissions - No need to pay a Realtor the typical 6-7% fee!

4) You Get Quick Relief from Your Burdensome Mortgage Payments - Compare that with a Home Listing that can go on forever!!

5) You Avoid Paying For Typical-Closing Costs - Avoid the necessity of paying for Surveys, Title Insurance, Deed Preparation, Courier Fees, Recording Fees, Processing Fees, Lender Fees, Underwriting Fees, Doc Prep Fees, Escrow Fees, etc!

6) You Eliminate Having To Sign A Lengthy, Complicated Listing Agreement - I provide a simple DRE Approved Sales and Purchase Agreement -- remember I am BUYING your house!

7) You Eliminate Time Consuming House Showings And Tie Kicking Buyers Trying To Low-Ball You- You won't have to show your home anymore. On the average, we show your house less than 4 times, nearly always after you've moved out. We find qualified, motivated tenant/buyers.

8) You Get Immediate Relief From Your Overwhelming Monthly Obligation To The Mortgage Company.

Your House Is An Asset… Sell It As An Asset!

Don’t let it become a liability, a burden, and the proverbial “monkey on your back”.

Even A Dream Home Can Become A Financial Nightmare!

There’s a real good chance that I can help…

If you’re interested in selling your house… Then Get Started Now. No rehearsed sales pitches. Just more options and immediate solutions for you to easily take advantage of.

One final note…

As I discussed, sometimes the best plan of action in a situation like yours is to liquidate the property, thereby saving your credit. When this is done, you can usually go out and secure another loan to purchase a different house. If this seems like a good plan of action, please move forward with me. As I said, I buy and sell houses, and I probably have a home in inventory right now that you would like to purchase. I can usually offer owner financing, and we may even be able to "trade" houses, if that's what you want to do.

One last thing… even if you don't have a lot of equity in your home, I might be able to bring your back payments current and take over those payments, which could be a great relief for you. Let me know -

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